I have quite a few ongoing projects.

Top is a baby blanket in this (color #9013), which I’m crocheting for a friend who’s expecting in September. Stupidly, I haven’t bought enough yarn. I just hope I can avoid these dyelot problems everyone’s complaining about. My color sense is bad enough that I probably wouldn’t be able to tell, though. I’m using a much too big hook (5 mm), but it’s working out really well. The blanket is amazingly soft and delicate, just like it should be. I’m not using a pattern for this, I just made a layout of 1 row dc, two rows of dc-ch-dc, 1 row dc, two rows dc-ch-ch-dc, 1 row dc, with a four dc edge on all rows. I’ll end it with a couple of rounds of sc as an edge, I think.

Below left is the beginning of a toddler hat in the same yarn (color #5711, which is a lot greyer than it appears in this picture). Somehow, I can’t get the pattern to work (I got the pattern here, but changed it to be crocheted completely in the round without slipstitching and turning). It’s alternately too loose and too tight. I think I’m going to frog it all and start over with a new pattern or a smaller hook, maybe both.

Below right is a scarf (pattern once again from Kids Crochet by Kelli Ronci) in a lovely, soft and supple 70 % alpaca 30 % wool yarn (Austermann Inka #03 and #26 and Inka color #31). Once again, I’m using a too big hook (6 mm), but I really like the results. My scarf is coming out soft without losing all structure. The pattern doesn’t offer a lot of variety, but it’s fun working with three colors.