Patchwork poncho swatches
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These are swatches for my latest work-in-progress. It’s a poncho for a young family member who’s currently going through a pink phase. I would go certifiably mad if I had to crochet a whole poncho from the neon pink suggested to my at my LYS, so I got a dusty pink, some burgundy and some off-white and will crochet a patchwork poncho with 3″ squares sewn together. The idea and the pattern is from Kids Crochet (again!) with a modification of the size of the squares to fit a younger child.

I realize that my list of WIPs is becoming a bit confusing. So here it is, for your reading pleasure, and for my convenience, as I’m losing track myself… (in order of start date)

  1. Scarf. Last seen here. It’s currently reciding in my stash box, where it will remain until autumn. I can’t motivate myself to finish a project with such a boring stitch pattern until I need it.
  2. Alpaca sweater, last seen here. It’s just a little bit too warm to work on this at the moment, but I will finish it soon. My rapid progress on this project screeched to a halt when I noticed that the (already finished) back half was short one row of waistline decreases… I duplicated the mistake in the front half to avoid problems in sewing it up, but my motivation took a nosedive. I still like it, though, and will finish it as soon as the weather changes.
  3. Spindle shawl, seen here. I like working on this, but it requires concentration, as the pattern has four repeated rows of varying stitches which are still not “in my fingers”.
  4. Summer top, not yet featured here. I found some dirt cheap, very soft cotton in a lovely spring green, and wanted to make a fitted summer top. I’ve had to frog a few rows, as apparently I can’t count to six (long story), but am making steady progress. Would like to be able to wear it soon.
  5. Patchwork poncho mentioned above. This is for a birthday present, on which I have a very tight deadline. So it will have first priority for the moment. It’s crocheted in superwash wool on a 4mm or 3mm hook (haven’t decided yet – 4 gives the best drape, but it’s hard to achieve the right size square with a dc stitch, 3 mm gives a thick, unwieldy fabric but I can achieve gauge with it). For all my obsessive hook buying, it appears that I don’t own a 3.5 mm!