The poncho is becoming something of a weight around my neck. I’m currently at 28 3″ squares, and have 8 more to go. It’s dull, unrewarding work. In a desperate attempt to keep up my interest, I used the squares as swatches to try out new stitches and square patterns, but now I’ve exhausted my stitch dictionary’s supply of sturdy patterns, leaving just the lacy ones which are useless in a three-year-old’s poncho. I even knitted one square, as I’ve just started learning to knit. Even with a rapidly improving continental knitting technique, a garter stitch square is surprisingly much slower than a double crochet square.

The thing is, after a trip to the LYS and the arrival of three internet-ordered crochet books, there are so many other things I want to crochet. I bought 9 balls of wonderful cotton in all shades of blue and bottle green, and have been pondering a clever plan for it. But I feel like I can’t get started on that until the poncho is done. *Sigh*