Red FOsThis weekend, I’ve taken a break from my sock, sharfik and other WIPs and indulged my need for warm, friendly colours and simple projects. This is a baby bib, based on the Baby Bib o’ Love pattern from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I also tried my hand at making stitch markers, as I didn’t have any for knitting. Lots of red – nice on the day when autumn finally arrived with a thunderstorm and buckets of rain.

Knitting project # 5 (I think): Baby Bib o’ Love from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania in my favourite variegated colour.

Needles: 3.5 mm

Notions: The cutest little smiley button I’ve ever seen.

Modifications: Cast on 55 stitches instead of 40 (it’s for an older baby, and the yarn is thinner than the called-for Peaches and Creme). The straps were knit with a sloping decrease in order to avoid the boxy neckline, which enables food and crumbs to sneak underneath the neckline. I left 20 stitches on each side and cast off 15 in the middle. Then I decreased by k2tog on every other row until I had 15 left in each strap. I also made four buttonholes, in order to ensure that the bib will still fit if the bib is washed or a smaller baby uses it.

stitch markersOne more, completely gratuitous shot of my new stitch markers. I’m ridiculously pleased with them. Just looking at them makes me smile.