I bet you didn’t think this would be the first FO after the last post, did you? I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have this done.

alpaca sweater FO side

FO: “Bluse med bred udskæring” from Hæklerier by Sys Fredens

Start date: 6 June (!)

End date: 7 November (but with a summer break from July to October).

Yarn: Tynn alpakka from Du store alpakka.


  • I substituted a thinner yarn, but got gauge, so I followed the directions for the smallest size. I think I let the gauge slip a little, though, because the end result is a little tight around the waist. To avoid the unattractive overstuffed sausage-look, I stopped the side seams about 5 cms from the bottom hem and left slits in the side, which I actually really like.
  • I realised that I prefer sweaters with 3/4 length sleeves (I always pull up full-length sleeves, they annoy me otherwise), so I changed the sleeve length. This was accomplished by starting raglan decreases after 30 centimetres rather than the called-for 50. I’m very happy with how the sleeves turned out.

Thoughts: I love this sweater! The yarn is wonderful: soft, light and very warm. I learnt a lot while crocheting this: I got better at reading stitches, increasing and decreasing and finishing, especially seaming. I learnt how to assemble raglan sleeves, which seemed very daunting to me when I started seaming.

In retrospect, I should have paid more attention to gauge, and possibly have followed instructions for the larger size. Choosing the right size was complicated by the lack of proper schematics in the pattern (it only gave a finished width at the hem, which I achieved). The waist shaping is quite extreme, and I should have picked up on that and changed it. However, this has prompted me to read up on sizing, gauge and ease, and to get proper measurements taken so I can be more aware when choosing patterns and sizes in the future.

All afterthoughts aside, though, I’m just really thrilled with my new sweater:
alpaca sweater FO