fbs dry-blocking

This is the much-agonized-over Flower Basket Shawl. When I was home last week (remind me to give you an explanation of the schizophrenic use of the word “home” among us expats) I bought five balls of Lanett superwash fingering weight wool for this shawl. At the point you see here, I’m done with the pattern’s recommended six repeats, but dry-blocking only gets me about 90 cm across. Would you believe, though, that this is all ONE ball of Lanett?

(I absolutely love this yarn and especially this rusty colour. I originally planned to use Dale Baby Ull, but decided against it when I discovered this colour in the LYS. Lanett is very close in weight and feel, is also superwash and is even a krone or two cheaper than DBU).

As I actually only want a scarf, I think I’ll go on to the edging now, and see if I can’t squeeze out a centimetre or two more in the wet-blocking.