I decided to join the Stranded KAL, and in this context, challenge is definitely the right word.

What are your projects for this knitalong?

I will try Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts. I was drawn to her pattern because it is simple and clean, and her colour choices appealed to me (not that I will use the same colours, though).

Is this your first colorwork project? If it isn’t, what was your first, and has it survived the test of time?

This is definitely my first colourwork project. I started knitting in July this year, and have a voracious appetite for learning new techniques and trying new things. Coming, as I do, from Norway, I’m familiar with colourwork knits (every Norwegian child of my generation owned a succession of “Marius sweaters”, often handed down from elder siblings or cousins, as the sweaters are practically indestructible ). The memory of them, though, meant that colourwork didn’t appeal to me as a new knitter. In traditional Norwegian colourwork, primary colours are used and the shapes are often boxy. In the 80s, there was also a preference for big, baggy knits. As a result, I really didn’t like wearing colourwork sweaters. If I had to, for a ski trip or similar, I preferred my grandparents’ old knits from the fifties. They often had a more fitted look and, because they were for adults, a more subdued colour scheme. What changed my view of colourwork was, I think, Eunny Jang’s new patterns, with their refreshing new take on colours, and the curiosity that blogging knitters had about a tradition that is so familiar to me.

I have just dabbled a little so far – a proper start on the project will have to wait until the holidays, I’m afraid. So far, I’ve tried different ways of holding the two strands (two-handed knitting is the quickest, but gives the tightest fabric, with very taut strands; stranding both over the left hand is slow and requires constant re-tensioning, but gives a more pleasing and even fabric).


I’ve knitted a few more rows than this, but it’s already clear that this iteration of the pattern is the weakest link and will be frogged shortly. I liked the colour combination to start with, but now I think it looks odd, and the above-mentioned experiments mean that it doesn’t really look even. I will instead use a brick red with the above dark brown. In the above version, I switched pattern and background colours. I liked that aspect of it, but with the new colour combination, I don’t think it will work so well. New attempts to come closer to Christmas!