1. Mitered squares

2. The pattern for Eunny’s Endpaper mitts (so simple and helpful! so brilliantly, cleverly beautiful!)

3. This article defending the fashion potential of crochet. After completing my alpaca sweater, I’ve thought about this a lot. All the really successful crochet projects I’ve completed have been completed with larger hooks than recommended for the yarn (alpaca sweater, baby blanket) or crocheted deliberately loosely (spider web shawl). I will need more practice to achieve a knitting-like drape with crochet, and I can also see the utility of a more stiff texture (jackets or bags, for instance), but this article made this a lot clearer to me.

4. The yarn haul from my latest trip home. The highlights:

  • 4 balls of PT5 in #590 – a wonderfully soft superwash yarn, but slightly sturdier than the babyull I’ve used before (slightly thicker, and with 20 % nylon).
  • Opal cotton sock yarn in a yummy pink, beige and brown colour. Soft!
  • Opal wool sock yarn in a beige variegated colourway. So much softer than the first sock yarn I bought, Lana Grossa Meilenweit. I wonder how I would feel about my first, apparently neverending sock if I’d knitted it in either of these yarns instead…
  • 100 g of Nøstebarn’s silk/wool yarn in pale green
  • and the best of all: Estonian Evilla yarn, in a beautiful, brown-beige variegated colourway. I think it’s destined to become a shawl, but I don’t know if the variegation will be too much for a delicate, lacy shawl.

5. Miss USA’s Seraphina’s Shawl in Rowan Tapestry. I want this yarn, and I seriously covet the shawl. In the last few months I’ve been very preoccupied with knitting, and desperate to knit more lace. However, this shawl has really tempted me to get back to crochet. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get hold of some Rowan Tapestry soon…