Baby bib christening present

I regularly find that I need nice little knits, simple garter stitch squares, to intersperse with the serious, skills-building knitting. This is a christening present for a friend’s daughter, and I thoroughly enjoyed making it (although the embroidery was surprisingly fiddly).

Pattern: Loosely based on the Baby bib o’ love from Mason-Dixon Knitting.

Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania color

Needles: 3.5 mm 80 cm Addis (my new favourite needles)

Modifications: I cast on 55 stitches, to make a bigger bib and to account for thinner yarn. I started the straps with 20 sts each, but decreased down to 17 using mirrored decreases to create a sloping neckline. I used this selvedge, which gave a very neat edge. The embroidered patch is an idea I’ve stolen from Bentemor. As usual, I added a series of buttonholes rather than just one, to make the bib suitable for a range of ages and to account for any stretching.

I’ll be getting back to my mitts and to my never-ending sock now. But I’ll have to take regular breaks to admire this bib before it’s sent out tomorrow!