sock on

The neverending sock isn’t. I finished it a couple of days ago, and it became immediately clear that this is a great learning opportunity. While I eventually got the hang of the five dpns and the short-row toe and heel was actually not all that difficult, it’s clear that I still have plenty to learn about sock knitting.

First sock

Pattern: Based on Wendy Johnson’s toe-up sock technique

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit. I’m not thrilled with this yarn. It’s a bit rough, and it sticks to itself and to clothes lint. I’m not convinced I should have used it as my first sock yarn.

Needles: 2.5 mm Inox dpns


I’ve decided that this sock, and its cousin-to-be (it’s too imperfect that I would want to make an identical second sock) will become bed socks for cold nights, so its imperfections don’t bother me greatly in themselves, but I would like to improve my technique for later socks. So here is a list of the main problems – I hope for your help in figuring out good solutions! 

1: I thought it’s common to end a toe-up sock with 1*1 ribbing, but the cuff ended up strangely flared and ruffly. Is the bind-off too loose? Should I have stuck with 2*2 ribbing or used smaller needles? A combination of the three?

2: The purl side of the short-row toe is both ugly and uneven. For the heel, I tried Misocrafty’s short row technique, where you pick up the wraps and slip them over the stitch, which worked much better (also, purl side wraps are picked up on the RS). Is this the only solution? I’ve heard that you can use YOs rather than wraps, how does that work?

3: The holes are where I picked up two stitches on each side after turning the heel. I used the lifted bar increase. Should I have knit the new stitches through the back loop? Is there something else I should have tried instead?