Whenever I’ve had occasion to categorize anything (my books, my e-mails, my work papers), I’ve carefully created the most relevant categories, and at the end always thrown in a “Misc.”. It takes about a week for the Misc. to be the biggest of the lot. This may be a testament to my eclectic tastes, or just a sign of a disorganised mind.

Be that as it may, I’m feeling a little “misc.” in my knitting efforts at the moment. The cousin sock has been cast on, but a mere three rows of ribbing have been knit, and I may need to frog it in order to get a smaller stitch count, for the pattern I have in mind. The mitt – ah, the mitt. I knit a couple of rows most days, but I’m beginning to realise that it will be too long. I may need to cut half of the last pattern repeat before the top ribbing, and I’m still pondering this. Also, when I finish the mitt, I will have no cause for celebration: I will still have one more to go.

So, of course, I cast on for something new:

kimono wip

Pattern: Heartbreakingly cute baby kimono. The pattern is in newborn size, and I want a kimono in 12-18 mnths size. That, and my slightly smaller gauge (22 sts/10 cm instead of the pattern’s 20 sts/10 cm)  are the explanations behind the messy notes on the right. Most versions of the kimono that I have seen have had a very high waist, and so I’m basing the scaled-up measurements more on one of my son’s jackets than the actual pattern. I’m very curious to see how this will work out when we get to the sleeves, not to mention the kimono wrap-over front.

The yarn is one of my favourite cotton yarns, Toptex simplicity.

Speaking of yarn, I’ve done something else as well:

Kool-Aid yarn

This is raggegarn from Trysil Garn (60 % wool, 20 % acrylic, 20 % nylon), dyed yesterday with two packs Kool-Aid cherry, two packs orange and two packs lemonade. I’ve never tried dyeing before, and I’m pleasantly surprised, both at the simplicity of the process and the results. Today, after I took the above picture, I overdyed the yarn with a local equivalent of Kool-Aid (my measly Kool-Aid stock had run out, and I can’t get any more), to get a deeper yellow and more even colour tone (you can see some white spots where the skein was tied up). I’m not convinced by the local Kool-aid copy, and I think I didn’t set the colour for long enough, but I’m very pleased with the results. I see thick, comfy, vitamin C-fortified socks in crazy colours in my future!