Slipper sock

I’ve started a pair of slipper socks from the yarn that I dyed and overdyed with Kool-Aid. Technique-wise, I’m trying some new things. First, I magic loop them. I’ve actually done this once before – I magic looped the ribbing on my as-yet-unfinished Endpaper mitt, as I didn’t have any 2 mm dpns. That was done with a bad needle – the cord was unflexible and the join was awful, and I hated it. While the above 3.5 mm Addi is much easier to use for magic loop, I still don’t really see the big advantage over five dpns. Especially picking up gusset stitches and doing the gusset increases was more fiddly than with dpns.

The other new thing is combination knitting. You can easily see the ugly rowing out that I got on the heel flap. My preferred method of purling is Norwegian, only because that’s the only method I got my hands to learn. It is, however, difficult to work with coarse or sticky yarn, because so much yarn is pulled through and the stitch needs to be tightened well. The yellow rows on the heel flap are purled rows, and they are all, except the one closest to the top, worked with Norwegian purl. It got so bad, though, that I figured I could try combination knitting, to see if it actually works better. I think the results are clear. I don’t think I’ll do it always – I find the yarn holding a little bit fiddly – but for yarns such as this (or for my planned cardigan, with a slubby cotton/viscose mix), I think it will give a much smoother stockinette.