FO: Raggsokker (thick socks)

Yarn: Trysil raggsokkegarn (60% wool, 20 % acrylic, 20 % nylon), dyed twice with Kool-Aid

Needles: 80 cm Addis; 3 mm for the ribbing and 3.5 mm for the rest.

Details: Knit over 40 stitches with half-twisted 2*2 rib and plain stockinette. Continental flap heel and toe from EZ’s Knitting without tears.

For easter we are, like so many other Norwegians, going to a cabin in the mountains. I get very cold, and usually forget to bring warm socks or slippers. Not this time! The colours are very cheerful and make me smile every time I see them.

So, after my first sock, which took several months, I’ve now completed two pairs in a month. Next up: not socks!