Red mosaic

I’m not good with colours, I never have been. My wardrobe consists almost entirely of brown, beige and black. I thought they were my favourite colours. But then, when I was compiling my FO lists for 2006, something struck me: A large number of my FOs were in red, pink, orange or a combination of the three. The yarns I bought in London were orange and reddish. The yarns that call out to me in the yarn shops are red and orange. When leafing through books and magazines, I prefer the patterns whose models are knit up in warm colourways (in fact, the reason I’m knitting the Shetland triangle now is that I saw several blogged versions in a deep red. When I received the book, the pale blue pattern model almost put me off it), however irrational that may be.  

The conclusion is clear: Some subconscious part of me is rebelling against the beige-and-brown dreariness. I have a new favourite colour.

What has knitting taught you about you?