I have been away from the computer for a time, and my knitting mojo has been gone even longer. The knitting on this kimono was finished almost a month ago, but I finally got my act together, sewed it up and added the buttons.

Pattern: Heartbreakingly cute baby kimono from Mason-Dixon knitting
Yarn: Toptex Simplicity (my favourite cotton yarn)
Needles: Addi, Inox and Knitpicks 4 mm circulars (the change in needles was due to an unfortunate run-in with an intransigent security guard at the airport).
Modifications: Many, mostly due to a scaling-up from newborn size to 12-18 mnths. I also changed the dimensions to get a longer waist.

I’m relatively happy with this knit. I managed the modifications relatively well, and I finished it even as the endless garter stitch was beginning to really get to me.

Perhaps my favourite part is the buttons, really:

babykimono detail