babykimono wip

This is my new wip, started 19 May. It’s another baby kimono, for my cousin’s baby who is due in a few weeks. I’m making the original, newborn size this time. I can’t get over how quick it is! The yarn is Askeladen silke-uld (65 % wool, 35 % silk) from Nøstebarn. I love the mossy, green colour. Because the yarn is significantly thinner than called for in the pattern, the fabric is sort of open and mossy as well, which I really like. The yarn really works better at an open gauge (I’m working the kimono on 4 mm needles – and a very well-known blanket pattern for this yarn calls for 6 mm!)

I’m using my brand-new Knitpicks needles (the sharp tips are wonderful for the thin yarn), and currently loving the cable-with-stoppers solution for the sleeve-in-waiting. As a European, I had resigned myself to not being able to buy Knitpicks stuff, but it turns out Du Store Alpakka has started distributing the needle set in Norway. The set was a highly appreciated gift from my parents-in-law.

This will not be the last bit of baby knitting you see here on this blog. All of a sudden, all our friends are having babies, and (drum roll) so are we! This is the explanation behind my sudden lack of knitting mojo (or indeed any mojo whatsoever, as the first twelve weeks was a haze of fatigue). Now that I’m comfortably into my second trimester, I hope to pick up the pace a little. Now, what knitted goods does a November baby require?