Halfway across the continent, my cousin is waiting to become a mom for the first time. When I had my son two years ago, she and her mother knitted the cutest little set for him. It is up to me to defend the family honour (or so my mother informs me) and here is the gift for my cousin’s baby:

Pattern: Of course, the ubiquitous Heartbreakingly cute baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting

Yarn: Nøstebarn silke-uld (65 % wool, 35 % silk). I used about 1/4 of a 100 g skein.

Size: Newborn. But in trying to stuff my son’s various teddy bears into it for modelling purposes, I discovered that the garter stitch stretches a lot. So it should be good beyond the first month.

Modifications: None, really. Rather than use the stepped decreases that I used in my first attempt at this pattern, I got out my Montse Stanley and learned the sloping decrease (much neater, and a lot easier to seam up). Because the yarn is so fine, the edges are a little fragile. I crocheted an sc border along the edge with the button hole to shore it up a little.

 The button is wooden, from my favourite craft store here, run by the local crafts school.

I don’t know if I’ll make more of these kimonos. They’re quick to make, but I’m starting to lose interest. The yarn, however, I’ll definitely use again. There are softer baby yarns, but none with this great range of colours and springyness.