The last month has been spent on holiday in Norway and Croatia. I have been reading more than crafting, but I did manage a few items.

Pattern:  Basketweave dishcloth (yellow), bark sedge stitch washcloth (red) and vanilla grit stich washcloth (orange).

Hook: 5 mm

Yarn: Garnstudio Paris, a wonderfully thick and soft unmercerized cotton.

This was perfect airplane crafting, as airport security is not nearly as jumpy about crochet hooks as they are about knitting needles (I still bristle about the brand new Addis I had to give up to get to London in January). The two last patterns are from the Lion Brand spa collection, and they are very soft and luxurious. I can’t wait to start using them.

Pattern: My own, improvised. Bib in single crochet with simple flower embroidery.

Yarn: Garnstudio Paris

Hook: 5 mm

I made this for the new baby, and I’m thrilled to bits with it. I love the flowers and the simplicity of the look.

This is just a WIP so far. It’s a moderne log cabin blanket, also for the new baby. The yarn is from Bånsull and is very fine, similar to the one I used for the baby kimono recently. I am knitting it on 4 mm needles, which gives a thin, airy fabric similar to Mor Signes babyteppe. This is what I wanted, the interest and challenge of a log cabin combined with the feel and airiness of Mor Signes.