log cabin block nine

I’m sorry, it really is all log cabin all the time over here. I’ve finished block nine (the block to the very right, with two different colours). I didn’t stick to the pattern, though. I did follow the pattern (with the corrections posted in my last post), but after five ridges I discovered I didn’t like the little jag between blocks 1-3-5-7 and the two parts of block nine. Much better to move the division between the two parts of nine so it coincides with the division between blocks 3 and 5 (this will make more sense to you if you have the pattern or have knit this blanket before). I had also messed up the intarsia, partly because I couldn’t find good instructions for garter stitch intarsia and so improvised. Twisting the yarns only on the right side left holes, and twisting on every row gave a fuzzy edge. After consulting the great blogosphere (why didn’t I think of that right away?!) I was finally pointed in the right direction by the very helpful Mimo knits. Now, I’m very happy with the intarsia edge:

log cabin intarsia closeup

Also, 54 ridges would be just too much for a stroller/hospital receiving blanket, so I ended at 18 ridges.

I’m about one third along on block ten, then there’s just the edging to go. I can’t wait to finish this blanket!