This past week has been a rite of passage for me, as I’m suddenly the parent of a kindergartener (US equivalent: preschooler, I think). The kindergarten run has turned out to be the perfect opportunity to try listening to knitting podcasts. A timely discussion on Ravelry gave me some pointers, and I’ve already tried most of the highly recommended ones.

Cast-On: This one is my favourite so far. I like the chatty tone, the music and the personal reflections on knitting.

Stash and Burn: Also very nice. The two presenters, Nicole and Jenny, are younger and have only been knitting for a few years each, which makes it easy to identify with them. Their podcast is full of useful information without being boring. As one commenter on Ravelry said, they both seem like very nice people, which makes this podcast very enjoyable.

Knitpicks: This seemed to be a great Ravelry favourite, but I just couldn’t get into it. The interview I heard (with Ann Budd) was just a little too long and fawning. More importantly, I have to admit that the sense that the whole podcast was read out loud from an exact script distracted me. Maybe because I’m so used to talking to large groups, I get very annoyed with people who are bound to a manuscript, and whose voice and presentation invariably suffer and become stiff.

Sticks and string: I didn’t find this one particularly interesting, either. The episode I sampled seemed very Australia-focused, which of course isn’t so relevant to me, and the technical quality was a little poorer than the other podcasts I tried.

Lime and Violet: I have to admit I only listened to this one for a little while before deleting it. This show seemed to require a high level of familiarity with the podcasters, their tone and old, internal jokes.

I also want to try Crochet unraveled and Knitters Uncensored (they’re even expats, like me!) If you have other recommendations, I’d be happy to hear from you.