Shawl on the last summer day

Today was a wonderful day. We’ve had good friends visiting, and today we went on a picnic at an old castle. While the others explored the castle ruins, I sat on the grass knitting on my mother’s shawl and enjoying the clear sunshine and the slight breeze. The shawl is growing slowly now, I’m on the thirteenth repeat of the main chart. I’m still pondering whether to dryblock now and see how far I’ve got. A question for my mother, the intended recipient: What kind of finished edge do you prefer? A subtly undulating one, like this, or very defined points like this? By the way, I do not expect that the finished product will look as sleek or professional as either of my examples, so please don’t get your hopes up…

Oh, and also: FO! A really small one. My husband, who is not normally too interested in my knitting, recently asked for a knit hat to go with the Sharfik I knit him last year. When asked for specifications, he said “something with ridges, or structure”. Apparently, ridges is what we knitters call “rib”.

Ribbed beanie

Pattern: None, but I partly used the ribbed crown decrease from Knit Simple Holiday 2006. Basic 2*2 rib over 96 stitches.

Yarn: Lana Grossa Bingo (leftovers from the Sharfik, about 1 1/3 balls)

Needles: Knitpicks Options 4.5 mm 100 cm, magic loop.

The Knit Simple Holiday 2006 pattern is wildly misleading at one point. It claims that crown decreases should start after 10 cm for an adult male head. Following that pattern led to a ridiculously small hat, which looked more like a yarmulke than anything else. It actually didn’t even fit my two-year-old… This version has more like 15-16 centimetres of rib before the crown decreases start.