I’ve suddenly realised that I’m having a baby in only a few short weeks. Unpacking the baby clothes, I also realised that all our baby hats are in thin cotton – not suitable for a baby born in the Central European November. But now that I’m a knitter, that’s easily remedied:

babyhat FO

Project: Baby hat

Pattern: My own purl spiral pattern, worked over 100 stitches

Yarn: Dale Baby Ull in # 9013, leftovers from this.

Needles: 3 mm 80 cm Addis. These were not ideal for working magic loop – the needles are a little short. I need to order some longer Addis in the sizes below my KnitPicks Options set (it’s a little annoying that the fixed KnitPicks needles only go to 80 cm – it’s not quite long enough to work magic loop on anything larger than socks).

Comments: All in all, I’m happy with this hat. It was a quick knit and I liked making my own pattern. However, I paid too much attention to keeping the pattern flowing in the crown decreases, and not enough to the proper rate of decreasing, hence the puckering at the top. I really want to work up this pattern again to see if I can find a more elegant crown decrease style to work with the pattern.

But baby needs more than one hat! My stash of baby ull oddballs is large, but unfortunately the colours are not very inspiring. I have three reclaimed balls in a very depressing steely blue, which you’ve already seen in these two incarnations:



from May and December 2006, respectively. I decided to dye the yarn to make it self-striping, using Eunny Jang’s inspiring tutorial. I set up two chairs in the living room, wound the yarn into a long skein, heated up the dye pot and prepared two glasses of Kool-Aid with two packets each of grape and cherry. Then I soaked the skein and things went completely pearshaped. I had only tied the skein in five places, and it tangled so badly in its soaking bath that there was no way I could untangle it and manage to keep the stripe sequence I had so carefully planned. Irate, I threw the whole tangled mess into the dye pot and poured the two glasses of dye solution in after it. And here’s the result:

 I’m actually not completely unhappy with it. It reminds me of blueberry. So this is the start of a blueberry roll brim hat for the baby. But as soon as I can trust myself to tie up a skein properly, I want to try the self-striping on one of the other balls of dull steel blue.