My daughter was born a few days ago, quickly and without complications. Thanks to the incessant baby knitting of myself and several other members of my family, she is constantly dressed in several layers of cozy wool. I’m sorry, I know it would make excellent blogging material, but to protect my daughter’s privacy there will be no pictures. You may have noticed that I never show pictures of my other family members, and she will be no exception, however unbearably cute her chubby baby cheeks ;-)

In other, more bloggable developments, I’ve finally started on my Ravelry queue with the Argosy scarf. I originally intended the yarn, Rowan Tapestry (bought at Liberty of London in January) for a crocheted shawl, but I was inspired by several versions of Argosy on Ravelry. So far, I love the pattern and the resulting scarf, but the yarn is a little hard to work with. It is very sticky and fuzzy, and tinking it ages it a lot. I absolutely LOVE the colours, though:


I’m also working on a baby hat for a friend whose child was due five days after my daughter, but has still not made an appearance.

gift baby hat WIP

I’m using leftovers from my moderne baby blanket, of which there is an astounding amount. I’ve asked for the new book from Nøstebarn, which has plenty of patterns for this kind of yarn. For this hat I’m using aluminium circulars and knitting magic loop, a combination which is driving me absolutely batty. I’m waiting anxiously for a delivery of Knitpicks fixed circulars from Get Knitted to help me with this.

So what’s next once I’ve finished Argosy and the baby hat? With the new circulars, I’m hoping to learn to knit two socks at once using magic loop. I’m planning to start with a pair of baby socks to ease the learning curve. Also, I haven’t forgotten my first knit sweater. Now that the baby is out, I can begin to take measurements and plan. I’m beginning to realise, however, that I’m a little nervous to begin it. I try to tell myself it’s only yarn, but I really want this sweater to work out, and I’m not sure I’ll do it correctly. Am I just being incredibly stupid to be nervous about this?