I feel a little scattered right now. I’m still working on the Argosy scarf (a little over halfway now), but other projects, small and large, are popping up all over.

dishcloth Christmas

The WIPs are a ballband dishcloth and a bark sedge stitch washcloth. They’re intended for my inlaws, who want some dishcloths for their cabin. The left hand FOs are a nine-patch dishcloth and a modified grandmother’s favourite, which I intend to keep as a backup Christmas presents for kindergarten teachers, friends and book club members. I will make some more of those, as well.


This is a very quick and simple beading project – a nursing memory bead. It is used with a nursing bra (you place the ring over the clip at the top of the cup) as a memory aid to remember which breast should be used for the next feeding. I’m sufficiently scattered right now that I really need it, and it works very well. I’ve seen several expensive versions online, but this version made from a key ring, a Czech glass bead and a small plastic seed bead cost practically nothing.

featherandfan WIP

This is a narrow stole or a wide scarf, depending on your point of view. It’s simple feather and fan stitch, worked in Evilla Artyarns 6/2, in a brown-beige colourway with very long colour repeats. I’ve had this yarn for almost a year, and intended it for a shawl. I recently realised that rectangular stoles are probably more practical for me, and wanted to see what the yarn would look like in such a simple but effective stitch pattern. I do wish that I’d washed the yarn before starting, though. It’s rough and stiff, smells like old sheep and contains a lot of lanolin. I’m very unsure of what it will feel like after washing and blocking, and not at all certain that it will feel comfortable to wear as a stole or a scarf. A very stupid and unnecessary leap of faith, really.