I went a little yarn shop crazy while on holiday in Norway. In my defense, I’ve been on a yarn diet of sorts for several months in anticipation of this trip, and I’ve wanted to start several projects for which suitable yarns were just not available here. Also, I celebrated a major birthday while at home, and my present from my dad (thanks!) was a yarn shop gift card (best dad ever or what?)

Let’s start off easy with the sock yarn, shall we?

DROPS/Garnstudio Fabel superwash sock yarn in colour 300. This is a fairly new yarn, I think, and the first sock yarn for thin socks to be produced by a Norwegian yarn company that I know of. I think I’ll use this for some lacy socks as soon as I finish Hedera. I only regret not buying three skeins, so I could have gotten knee highs.


These hardly even count, because they were on sale, only 20 kr/ball. FagStrikk/Rauma sock yarn in two different jacquard-dyed colourways. This yarn is thicker and calls for 3-3.5 mm needles. I’m thinking about using 2.75 mm needles for a cushy feel and using them for socks for my kids. My son has already chosen the green ones for his socks.

Next up, small quantities of other yarn:

This is Idena Juvel multicolor, four balls. I have a soft spot for red variegated yarns. I thought this would be nice to keep in my stash for hats, mittens or similar for the kids.

Gjestal superwash sport

This is nine balls of Gjestal Superwash sport. It was bought several months ago with a specific project in mind, and has been sitting in Norway waiting for the intended recipient to exchange it for a different colourway. While I was there, I found some different yarn in the right colour, and this came home with me for dying experiments. I think three-four balls of this kool-aid dyed in a stripe sequence would make a wonderful baby surprise jacket.

And now for the ones I’m truly excited about!

Sandnes Alfa

This is 14 balls of Sandnes Alfa (830 m), intended for a vest I found the pattern for in a Norwegian women’s magazine (but you can also find it here):

This looks like a fun and fast knit. Teal is a new colour for me, but I think it will work with my dark brown wardrobe as well as my jeans.

Du store alpakka Baby Silk

This is by far the most expensive purchase – eleven balls of Baby Silk from Du store Alpakka. I love the colour and the yarn is very soft. I want to use it to make this:

The comfy cardi by Robyn Chachula from Crochet me. The original is in such a delicate, romantic colour, I can’t help but wonder how it will look in a burnt orange…

There was a recent discussion on Ravelry about materialism and stash, with some people complaining about knit bloggers showing off their yarn purchases while feigning embarrassment. I do understand what they mean. The reason I’ve bought such a lot, is the realization that the many small yarn purchases I made when I first started knitting and crocheting are really useless. As soon as I started wanting to make garments for myself, I was stuck. I really look forward to starting these projects!

I still have one more yarn to show you – the one for my deadline project. Seven percent done so far!