So, it’s been a while. I’ve been on an extended Christmas holiday at home and mostly, the crafting has consisted of making my WIPs older, longer and more numerous. I left all the large WIPs at home, such as the wee beginnings of my first knit sweater, and once in Norway I started a few more projects. Some of them even got my attention to the point where I managed to finish them:

mittens FO

beret FO

Projects: Fingerless mittens and beret

Pattern: The fingerless mittens were completely improvised (cast on 32 stitches, joined to knit in the round, knit 28 rounds. Worked a one-row buttonhole over eight stitches, knit for eight rounds more, cast off loosely). The beret is inspired by the knotted beret pattern by Norah Gaughan in the Christmas Knit Simple, and the decreases are taken directly from the Rollin’ Beret pattern by Woolly Wormhead.

Yarn: Drops Silke-Alpaca, colour #2920m. I bought six balls of this on sale at a brand new yarn store while I was at home. It’s lovely yarn, soft and supple with a lovely shine. True to its composition, it has no memory, so I’ll have to aid the ribbing in the beret with some elastic eventually. The mittens took 1 ball and a couple of yards, the beret took a little less than two balls. The last three balls will be used for some sort of neck warmer, I think.

Needles: Addi Turbo 5 mm (80 cm for the mittens and 50 cm for the beret).

Next time, I’ll show you all the yarn I got while on vacation (and since one of my birthday presents was enough yarn money for two sweaters, that is quite a lot) and my new WIP – a very important project with a fast-approaching deadline.