I started the Sandnes Design vest. In fact, I started it two weeks ago, and it’s such a quick knit on large needles (7 mm) that the back and the two fronts are already dry from blocking:

Vest som varmer blocking

I’ve been dithering, but while knitting it I decided I really do want sleeves on this thing. I think such a thick and warm knit without sleeves would be hard to wear – if it’s cold enough to wear it, my arms will get cold. I only want 3/4 length sleeves, though, because I always roll up my full-length sleeves. That, however, required me to do more math than I’ve done since high school. When I decided to take up knitting, it didn’t occur to me that Pythagorean equations would be required.

Sleeve cap calculations

The article on set-in sleeves in the most recent IK was very useful, but it still took about an hour of scribbling, measuring, punching in numbers on the calculator and thinking. Half my working measurements were in centimetres and the other in inches, but I think I managed to get there. We’ll see once the sleeves are done. I’m working them both at once and hope to be done in a day or two.