My first attempt at seaming the shoulders on my Sandnes Design 0705-15 Vest* this weekend:

vestsomvarmer 007

I don’t even know what stitch I intended that to be, possibly some sort of backstitch. I’m less of a perfectionist about my knitting than I should be, but it was clear that shoulder seam would have to be ripped out. The second attempt:

vestsomvarmer 006

This significantly improved effort was the result of a tutorial on the Knit Simple web site. I must say I felt a little bit let down by my Montse Stanley here. I tried every relevant keyword and couldn’t find anything in the index. I looked through the entire chapter on seams and joins, and couldn’t find anything that seemed right. Her only recommendation on shoulders that I saw was the three-needle bindoff, which didn’t work here. I have ordered Vogue Knitting’s Ultimate Knitting Book, which I’m hoping will be slightly easier to work with when I have questions like this.

* We Norwegians really know how to name a design, don’t we? The Stash & Burn girls have been having a lot of fun with the DROPS design that’s sweeping over the knitting blog land – inspiringly named 103-1