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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Stefanie Japel’s minisweater/boobholder. I noticed that the gauge on the pattern is the same as on the Alfa yarn, of which I had plenty of leftovers from my first cardigan. HOWEVER… I used a smaller needle for this than the cardigan, which meant the fabric was unpleasantly stiff, and the first try-on of the minisweater revealed that the fronts were too big for me. There are several of these on Ravelry, and I like the ones that fit tightly better, the ones where the fronts overlap are just a little too obviously not the right fit. Also, and not least, I was beginning to realise that I didn’t have enough yarn left. So here’s my new plan, and I would like to know if it sounds crazy:

I want to make a striped minisweater in brown and teal (chocqua, perhaps?), using the Alfa leftovers and (and here’s the crazy part) three strands of some cheap fingering-weight brown superwash wool that I have knocking around, maybe with one strand of laceweight mohair as well, to mimic the mohair content in the Alfa. I will go up one needle size and cast on fewer stitches for the fronts.

Yeah. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any new FOs on this blog in the next few weeks.