It worked!


Pattern: Minisweater/boobholder by Glampyre (Stefanie Japel) 

Yarn: Sandnes Alfa (teal), Gjestal baby ull (brown), Anny Blatt fine kid (brown). I used three strands of the Gjestal held together with the Anny Blatt. Total yarn consumption 278 g.

Needles: Knitpicks Options 7 mm 100 cm circulars.

Mods: Cast on fewer stitches for the fronts (six instead of nine), worked the sleeves in the round rather than flat and decreased four stitches in both side seams in the garter stitch waist band to get it to sit snugger. I may move the button slightly, because it still gapes a little in the back. Now I get why so many people double-breast this sweater!

I’m tolerably happy with this knit. It was quick, and provided a good break from my secret deadline knitting with very thin yarn on tiny needles. Working the brown stripes with four strands held together, one of which was brushed mohair, was slightly crazy-making, and I don’t think I’ll work much with brushed mohair again. I’ve worn it most of the day, and it’s a good way to stay warm without having sleeves or jacket fronts get caught or dragged through food (my, this makes me sound graceful, doesn’t it?)

I’m not the only one in the family with a slight chocqua fascination at the moment: