I’ve blogged about knitting podcasts before, but I have changed my preferences and habits a little, and new podcasts have popped up, and I figured it might be time for an update.

First, an apology of sorts. After going through the Cast-On and Stash and Burn archives at lightning speed, I tried the Knitpicks podcast again, and I actually really like it. The content is more professional and more to-the-point than most other knitting podcasts and Kelley Petkun is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I still prefer her normal episodes to her interviews with authors and designers, but in general this is a very good podcast.

I’ve just discovered Stitch It!, which I also really like. The main reason is that Meghan is a new spinner, who talks about spinning with infectious enthusiasm in every podcast. While the Knitpicks podcast could be an audio component of a distance-learning course in fiber arts, Stitch It! is more like a long phone conversation with a knitting friend.

But my favourite new podcast is YKnit. I like the two-host concept for podcasts, it makes the show more dynamic. The hosts are also good at sticking to an overarching theme.