Maybe it’s just Ravelry craziness that’s spilling over into my mood, but I just checked my WordPress stats, and something is bugging me. The number one search phrase directing people to this blog is “fat bottom bag” or “fat bottom bag PATTERN”, and it’s been this way ever since I posted my FBB FO post.
Of course, maybe people are just curious about this pattern, but I suspect something a little more troubling. Anyone who participates in a crochet forum like Crochetville knows that if you proudly post an FO picture of a popular, bought pattern like the FBB, you’ll be inundated with forum replies and personal messages asking for a copy of the pattern. Sometimes the poster will clearly reveal that they know what they are doing is not allowed, and pretend to be “cheeky” about it. I get really seriously annoyed with this behaviour. Not because I’m a copyright freak (In Norway, which I know better, copyright rules are actually more relaxed with regards to fair use, sharing and crafting uses than what it seems to be in the US), but because this behaviour is rude and gives crocheters a bad name by openly requesting that others break forum rules and copyright law. I have never experienced this type of behaviour on knitting boards, and I’ve often seen knitters claim that crocheters don’t care about copyright or designers’ livelihoods and only want freebies as a result of this behaviour (and I don’t blame them!)

So: If you come here wanting more info about the Fat Bottom Bag: Welcome! It’s a great little pattern and I highly recommend it (although I made numerous changes to it, and you should be aware that there is important errata for the pattern). You can buy the pattern in a useful little book called Stitch & Bitch Crochet: Happy Hooker, which is available on Amazon. It’s cheap for such a large number of patterns and well worth the price. If you can’t afford the book, have a look at your local library. I’m sorry, but I will not provide pattern copies, as I do not wish to infringe on copyright rules or cause problems for the great crochet and knitting designers out there who make all these great patterns for us to use.

/rant. God, that feels good.