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I’m having so much fun learning to spin. I thought it might be a good idea to collect some resources for spindle spinning here, so that other aspiring spindle spinners would not have to do so much digging for themselves.

Starting points

The following sites are good starting points.

  • Ispindle.com has a series of videos showing every step of the spinning process.
  • Joy of Handspinning has written instructions and a couple of videos devoted to spindle spinning.
  • Interweave Press’ Spin Off magazine has online guides to starting spinning with a spindle and making your own drop spindle with a CD.

Learn from the experts

Several spinning instructors blog about their knowledge. It can be challenging to navigate blogs and you won’t learn in a linear way, but there are tons of useful tricks here.

Online spinning mags

For features, tutorials and cool patterns to knit or crochet with your handspun, try these magazines:

Community Support

Once you start learning, you’ll want to talk about spindle spinning *all the time*. Save your family and friends – join a spindle group.

  • Ravelry has a great Spindlers group, with a very active group forum and great people. There is also a forum for beginning spinners (both wheel and spindle).
  • I’ve heard good things about Yahoo’s Spindlitis group, but haven’t joined it myself.


The ancient craft of spinning has certainly found its way onto the internet. Here are some places to go for spinning inspiration:

Do you know of spindle spinning resources that I haven’t included? Please, send me the link!