Nine months after I started planning, five months after I started knitting, seven weeks after the deadline and eight days after the only occasion at which it would be used this year: I’ve finished my dad’s birthday present.

FO bunadsstromper

Project: “Bunadsstrømper fra Sogn”, #3 in Rauma booklet “Bunad strømper og luer”

Yarn: Rauma 2-tråds gammelserie, 4 balls (every last inch!) + a few grams of 1-tr Spælsaugarn for heel and toe reinforcements.

Needles: 2.5 mm 120 cm Knitpicks Options and 2.5 mm 100 cm Addi Turbos, knit magic loop. I recommend the Options over the Addis for the cabling, but both worked well, with no obvious gauge differences.

Modifications: Added length in both the ribbing, the leg and the foot. Unfortunately not enough, so my dad wants an additional four cm of ribbing added. He can have it, too, as soon as I get hold of another ball of yarn. I also changed the gusset decreases, which the pattern placed underneath the foot. I know that can be awkward to walk on, so I did normal side gusset decreases instead. There was one huge problem with the pattern: It listed no gauge or finished dimensions, and recommended a change in needle size to achieve a size change. As a result, the leg is too narrow. My dad can get them on, but the socks then become too short as a result of the overstretched fabric, hence the wish for added ribbing.

If you’re wondering what kind of garment this is, exactly, these are over-the-knee stockings for wear with “bunad” – a national costume. In Norway, there are several varieties of national costumes depending on where in the country you (or your family) are from. My dad has this one. He already has stockings for it, some stunning two-colour knit ones, but he wanted some plain white cabled ones as well. “Bunad” can be worn for gala occasions (yes, really!) and is a garment for solemn occasions; baptisms, confirmations, and national day celebrations. Norway’s national day is 17 May. Yes, I’m sure you see the problem. At least they’re ready in plenty of time for NEXT year’s celebrations. Sigh….

FO bunadsstromper fot