Does knitting on the playground count?


Partly inspired by Stitch It! Meghan (love that podcast!) I’m reacquainting myself with double-pointed needles. For this pattern, a homemade attempt at a better, easier baby hat, dpns are an advantage. Why baby hat, you ask? I will neither confirm nor deny rumours of a niece-baby to be who may or may not need to be clad in wool from top to toe to be prepared for the Nordic autumn she may or may not be born into (I have watched too much US election coverage recently, thanks for asking).

This thing here, which is actually now off the needles but not put together, is also for the niece-baby:

WIPsJun08 001

Experienced knitblog-watchers should have no trouble recognising the pattern. I make no apologies for bandwagon-jumping, though. I made one of these for my own daughter, and it is an excellent piece of baby knitwear. Soft and warm, easy to put on and covers newborns all the way down to the toesie-woesies.