Having received my nøstepinne the other day, I decided to try to use the plying technique suggested by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts in High Whorling, plying from a nøstepinne.
So you wind your single onto the nøstepinne, scoot the ball up toward the narrow end of the nøstepinne, find the two ends and ply them together.


I had some problems, though. I couldn’t get the inside end to feed out (maybe my nøstepinne doesn’t taper enough?) and so I had to remove the ball from the nøstepinne and ply from that.

Bosworth midi

I don’t recommend it. The whole thing was messy and frustrating, as the ball was slightly too big to control in one hand, and so bounced around on the floor and got very tangled. All my attempts to untangle it resulted in one – or two – broken singles. It got easier as the ball got smaller, but I won’t do it again.