My t-shirt is done, after only eight days of knitting (after my multiple start problems, it has been very smooth sailing). A top-down short-sleeved raglan in worsted weight sure is quick!

The good:

I love it! It’s so soft and comfortable to wear. The raglan boatneck is my favourite neckline shape. The waist shaping worked out beautifully and ended up exactly where I wanted it (I’ve learnt from my warming vest, where the ribbed waistline hugs my boobs!). I got the length exactly right and the sleeves are long enough to cover my shoulders but short enough not to be hot. Although the yarn is rustic, and looked quite uneven after I had finished knitting and weaving in the ends, it blocked very, very nicely and looks wonderfully smooth and even now.

The bad:

When I say two dyelots, I’m not kidding:

silketopp FO

This yarn was bought when I was a very new knitter, and still somewhat intimidated by yarn shops and their elderly female shop assistants. I just scooped out seven balls from a shelf in a dark corner of the shop and took them to the till. When the assistant asked me if I wanted seven of the same dyelot I said “no, that’s no problem” partly because I had no earthly idea what she was talking about and partly to get out of there. So I ended up with three different dyelots, and they really are very different. The base colour is not so different, but one of the lots (top and bottom here) is much less tweedy than the other two. It’s also softer, has a better hand and was the most numerous with three balls, so I had to use it.

silketopp FO front

FO: Top-down raglan t-shirt following Stefanie Japel’s raglan cardigan pattern.

Yarn: Idéna silkegarn, colour 028, 4.6 balls (230 grams).

Needles: 4.5 mm 80 cm Addi Turbos.

Modifications: The pattern is more of a template, so modification is maybe not the right word. I added waist shaping (three sets of decreases and three sets of increases) and knit the sleeves very short; when I put the sleeve stitches back on the needles I went straight to the garter stitch cuff. I was concerned about the silk being dragged completely out of shape and the neckline becoming off-the-shoulder, so I reinforced the neckline at the bottom of the garter stitch section.