FLSbuttons 004

Brenda Dayne said, on a recent episode of her (excellent) podcast Cast-On that everyone has a red that’s perfect for them. When I decided to take a leisurely leap onto the bandwagon and knit the ubiquitous February Lady Sweater, I knew I wanted to knit it in a fabulous, deep red. A red wine sort of red. A red that would look good on me.

Now, my wardrobe consists almost entirely of dark brown, with a dash of black thrown in, and some jeans for after-work hours. So any red I chose had to look good with all of those. In fact, after I realised that I liked red (not coincidentally, after I started knitting), that has been my main guideline – if the shade of red goes with dark brown, it’s probably right for me.

So, the FLS. In Norway, there are very few worsted-weight yarns. At shops in my immediate vicinity, there are really only three choices: Trysil Garn Artic (top right), Rauma Vamsegarn (top left) and Dalegarn Freestyle. Of these, only the first two have a recommended gauge of 18 sts/10 cm, which is the recommended gauge for the FLS. I was at Europris, a discount store not far from me, where they sell Trysil garn. I was fooled a little by the lack of proper lighting in the store, and the fact that there were two reds. I chose the darker of the two, but immediately suspected that it wasn’t quite dark and “red winey” enough. So now I have ten balls of not-quite-dark-enough-red in my stash (at 129 kroner, though, it’s quite a steal for a sweater’s worth of yarn!) The vamsegarn is significantly dearer, but the shade of red is just perfect. I knew immediately that it would work. I’m not so fond of the yarn itself, though. It feels almost squashed, whereas the Artic is nice and round. It also splits a lot, I often found myself breaking single strands of fibre while knitting.

The FLS is blocking as I write this. It was a very quick knit, and I’m so excited about trying it on properly tomorrow once it’s dry. I think – I desperately hope – that this will turn out to be my perfect red.