It’s always humbling to realise just how unoriginal you are. Just like when we named our two children, thinking we had found lovely but somewhat unusual names, only to find that both names have increased massively in popularity in the last few years, I have now finished the February Lady Sweater, as one of 2006 knitters on Ravelry to knit this¹.


I loved FlintKnits’ original sweater, and, since Sundara’s yarn is no longer available, considered buying Dream in Color Classy instead. I spent many hours browsing web shops and peering at shots of all of the DIC red and burgundy shades. In the end, I went with a more mundane Rauma Vamsegarn, and I’m happy I’m did. DIC is a very popular yarn choice for this pattern, but the versions I’ve seen on Ravelry are just not as successful as Flintknits’ original. I think the DIC yarn is just a little more variegated and has slightly shorter colour sequences than Sundara, so that the overall effect is a little more busy.  

Pattern: The ubiquitous February Lady Sweater

Size: XS (the sizing on this pattern is very odd, I’m never an XS!)

Needles: KP Options 5 mm

Yarn: Rauma Vamsegarn, 8 balls

Modifications: Used kfb instead of m1 in the raglan increases. I don’t like making m1s, and I like the line that kfb creates in raglans. I should have used kfb instead of yos in the increase row before the lace as well.

¹In the hour it’s taken me to write this post, it’s gone from 2005 to 2006, that’s how popular this pattern is.