Slightly sooner than I thought, I’ve bought a spinning wheel. I had planned to buy a wheel around Christmas, and had my eye on a Louet Julia. However, the closer I got to actually having to make the purchase, the more I started second-guessing myself. What if I don’t like wheel spinning? What if I never have the time to sit down with the wheel? Close to 5000 kroner is a lot of money for something I don’t know if I’ll like.

So I’ve been monitoring the online for sale-ads, and I recently saw an ad for a used Ashford Traditional for about half the price of a new Louet. Its previous owner is a professional spinner and the wheel comes with both the normal flyer and bobbins and the jumbo set. I’m not a huge fan of novelty yarn, but I have heard that the jumbo set comes in very handy for plying, especially considering the tiny Ashford bobbins. I know that the Saxony models have a larger footprint than the castle ones, and I am a little concerned about storage space, but I’ll work something out. It will probably get here within a month (the seller does not want to ship it, which I understand, so she’ll bring it the next time she makes the three-hour trip). I’m really excited!