Meet my new-to-me Ashford Traditional, bought on in October. I finally got it home in mid-November and have been playing with it a lot. I started spinning the club fibre from the Fyberspates 3-month club that I was a member of from May-July this year. The fibre on the wheel in the picture is a pink/brown/greenish BFL.

Wheel spinning was surprisingly different from spindle spinning. Treadling took a little while to get used to, and I couldn’t quite get a rhythm on the first yarn I spun (may also have been due to it being merino, i.e. very short-stapled). It’s much easier to get a good join, and much harder to avoid overspinning. Both are, I assume, due to the wheel inserting twist faster than the spindle.

I’ve treated the wheel with a furniture oil, a mixture of tung oil, linseed oil and naphtha. It was an hour of work, but the wheel looks better and creaks less.