Wheel spinning is a very different experience than spindle spinning. Don’t get me wrong, I like my spindles, but wheel spinning enables me to finish a 100 gram skein in a couple of days, whereas with spindles that would take me more than a month.

I’ve finished two 100 g hanks already:

My first wheelspun yarn! Da-daaaa!

First wheelspun FO

This is superwash merino, handdyed by Jeni of Fyberspates. It was the first fibre I received in her three-month fibre club. I tried to spin it evenly, but the wheel learning curve made it quite thick-and-thin. It’s now a hat. I like the hat, but the colours don’t really go with my colouring, so I don’t know if it will get used very much.

This second yarn is Bluefaced Leicester, also from Fyberspates. I like it very much, and managed to spin it more evenly than the merino. The colours are a little off in the picture of the skein. 100 grams, 260 metres, two-ply.