Two and a half years ago, when I started crocheting and knitting and started this blog, my expat life seemed like it would last forever. Now, however, I’ve been back in my home country for six months, and while we will probably move abroad again, that is as yet a distant prospect. The title of this blog has felt stupid to me for a while, and even while I was an expat, that was never really reflected in the posts I wrote.

Now that I’m back home, I’ve thought a lot about changing the blog, and knowing that the task was ahead of me kept me back from posting. But it’s done now. I’ve set up the new URL (still a blog – I’m cheap that way!), exported all the posts and comments and cleaned it up a little.

Mainly, I’ve taken the opportunity to clear up the pages, move my free patterns (such as they are) to a page of their own, and made a new link collection instead of my too-dominant blogroll.

I hope you will come join me at my new place. I named it in honour of my newest crafting obsessions, and the name also reflects one of my very first interests. Curious? Come on in!