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Fulled bag finished My fulled bag (last seen blocking here) is finally finished. I had some trouble with the straps. When crocheting the damn thing, I was planning on following the pattern’s suggestion of attaching a leather braid through grommets. However, being unable to find either grommets or leather straps, that became impossible. Next on my list were sturdy red woven ribbon, preferably dark red to match the contrast stripes on the bag. I was equally unable to find this, after scouring the craft shops several times. So I ended up with a not-quite-right-looking 50mm polyester ribbon, doubled over for strength and folded over on the middle of both straps (I put yarn scraps in and sewed shut to provide comfortable grips). It’s too shiny for a fulled bag, but it’s the best I could find.

Fulled bag hangingThis will be my new bag for crochet projects, I think (note that in the picture above, it sports my current favourite pattern book). It was more fun than I thought, making a fulled bag. I’m already planning my next project, possibly for a Christmas present. But I think I will use a more delicate yarn. This yarn was very thick and made a very sturdy fabric, but for a nice purse I would want something a little thinner.

Pattern: Well-traveled bag
Hook: 8mm
Yarn: Artic by Trysil Garn
H 21 cm / W 25 cm / D 13 cm
Work started: 18 June
Work finished: 23 June


Eighth project - fulling before

I’m in the middle of trying this fulling thing everyone’s talking about. This is a bag crocheted on the basis of the well-traveled bag pattern (only lower), and it’s currently fulling in the washer. I’m really nervous about this, I feel like anything could happen. But the yarn (Artic from Trysil garn) was very, very cheap (only $ 9.50 for the whole thing!) so I don’t feel I’ve wasted much if it doesn’t work. I crocheted the whole thing yesterday, so it was very quick, too.

eighth project blocking webUpdate: It fulled really well in only one short wash (1:30 on 60 degrees, no spin, with a dash of Woollite and a pack and a half of baking soda). I took it out, checked it and popped it back in for a gentle spin. It is currently blocking on a stack of baby wipe packs. I just wish I hadn’t put my jeans in the wash. I saw it recommended to increase the agitation, but I can see some specks of denim stuck in the felted fabric :-(

Hook: 8 mm


Before: H 29 cm / W 34 cm / D 15 cm

After: H 21 cm / W 25 cm / D 13 cm


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